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Please help us provide Rene Marse Edmon and her family with support in the wake of Trent's passing. For now what they need are meals, and Target gift cards to help purchase diapers, formula, and other baby care supplies. Rene is now open to occasional visitors, but please call René the day before your scheduled Meal/gift card drop off to see whether she would prefer a visit or just a drop off on your particular day. To get Rene's phone number, you can send me (Mirais) a message here in Meal Train. Also, if René is not looking for a visitor on a particular day and you are simply dropping something off, please message me when you do so, and I will make sure someone refrigerates it right away. Food Drop-off Instructions: -- Drop offs can happen at any time on your assigned day. -- Meals that can be FROZEN are best. -- There are approximately 6 people to feed. -- No allergies as far as we know, and no dietary restrictions. But please write a mark on food that has common allergens (eggs, nuts, etc.) just in case someone has an allergy of which we are not aware. -- Rene is breast feeding, so please nothing super garlicky. -- Please keep the veggies and fiber to a maximum, so try to keep pasta dishes to just once a week. Target Gift Card Drop-off Instructions: -- Either send them in the mail or drop them off in the mailbox with a note saying who it's from. How to get informational updates: -- Create a login to our Caring Bridge site and look at the "Journal" tab: Other ways to offer support: (1) Mail sympathy letters/cards, and/or Target gift cards to: 9417 Nottaway Place. River Ridge, LA 70123 (2) Donate to the Julia Edmon Educational Fund -- Trent's dream was to provide Julia with a solid educational foundation, and his passing presents significant and unforeseen financial challenges for Rene and Julia. So we have set up the Julia Edmon Educational Fund at Metairie Bank, so that those who love the Marses and Edmons can contribute to Julia's education. Here's three ways to give to the fund: -- Use the "send money to friends and family" function in PayPal to send donations to the following email address: -- Go to any Metairie Bank branch in Louisiana and make a donation in person to the "Julia Edmon Educational Fund." Here is a list of branches: -- Mail personal checks made out to "Julia Edmon Educational Fund" to the address below: Metairie Bank Attn: Alyssa Herbert 701 Metairie Road Suite 1A-101 Metairie, LA 70005

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