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This Meal Train on pause

Posted Apr 26, 2022 by Beth Souther

Dear all, thank you for your dedication to the Meal Train ministry for Julia and Peter. While we are devastated at the loss of Julia, we can all be proud to know none of us said, "I want to do something, but don't know what to do." You acted, and your meals and gift cards, and your friendship, prayers, and love were an immeasurable comfort to Peter and Julia and their children. For the time being, this Meal Train is suspended. When Peter returns to Park City in June, he will decide if he needs Meal Train once a week. It may be that he wants to share a meal with us once a week. Stand by, and love to you all.


Adding Mondays for meals for Julia and Peter.

Posted Mar 18, 2022 by Beth Souther

As you can imagine, Julie and Peter are exhausted and can use one more meal each week. You'll note the calendar has been adjusted. Julia's nutritionist advises Julia eat ORGANIC chicken and fish. If the veggies and fruits aren't organic, those aren't as important as the chicken and fish. Julia and Peter promise they don't get tired of chicken because St. Luke's cooks are so awesome.


Sign up for Julia's and Peter's MealTrain March 31 to end of May

Posted Feb 23, 2022 by Beth Souther

Hello all, as advertised at Church Sunday, if you sign up for a meal between March 31 to end of May, you will receive a Lenten calendar, illustrated by cartoonist and Priest, Jay Sidebotham. You can use crayons or colored pencils to make each day of Lent meaningful. Sign up now and I'll get the calendar to you before next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday.


Onward and upward

Posted Jan 9, 2022 by Julia Munson

Hello friends! I am so glad to have the holidays behind us and be back in Park City. I imagine you heard by now that our Christmas "vacation" was challenging by both the nearby fires a(we were on pre-evacuation orders for hours) and the heartbreak of Hannah getting sick and not being able to join us. I pray we never have another year like 2021! The trip took a toll on my health. My mobility is back to what it was a few months ago and my speech is impacted. I am "starting over" physically but reinforced by the considerable love I feel from this community and determined to keep going. i am aware of how long we are receiving meals from you all and will never be able to repay you. I haven't felt this level of dependency since I was a small child. I accept your gifts with gratitude because I know that they are helping me heal and helping Peter be able to do his job. So, thank you. I send you much love and blessings for a beautiful 2022. *The picture was taken on our recent trip by our genius daughter-in-law :)

Julia & Peter Munson

Now that Sundance has gone virtual, do you have time to make a meal?

Posted Jan 5, 2022 by Beth Souther

Hello all, there are open dates for meals to the Munsons. Review your calendar, and see what dates work for you. Thanks for your contribution to this ministry.


2022 Meal dates added for Julia and Peter

Posted Dec 5, 2021 by Beth Souther

More dates have been added January - May, 2022. Julia and Peter will be away December 27 - January 5. The new year's meal train begins January 6. Thank you for your generosity of time, love, and prayers. After you've read Julia's dietary requirements, if you have questions, please reach out to Julia directly.


Calendar update

Posted Nov 7, 2021 by Julia Munson

Hello angels! Beth reached out to me and asked if I felt "brave enough to continue into 2022." I replied that we receive so much comfort and help from this weekly meal, that we would love to continue and trust you will not sign up if you're tired of it. We will be gone for holidays from Nov. 22 to Dec. 1; and Dec. 27th through Jan. 5th. Blessings to all of you and we can never thank you enough!!


Please review the Meal Train schedule and your calendar

Posted Nov 4, 2021 by Beth Souther

Hello all, you'll note Elizabeth Fetter is recovering from Covid. Please review the Meal Train for the remainder of the year and volunteer for dates you're available to drop off a meal. If you're in a quandary about your menu, consult Julia. She'll be glad to provide ideas. The Meal Train for the Munsons will continue in 2022. There may be a few date revisions. Stand by for more info. Peace,


Julia and Peter are moving to Newpark. Let's follow them with meals.

Posted Sep 26, 2021 by Beth Souther

Hello all, please check your calendar for October 7, 28 and November 4. Meals are needed for these dates. Remember Julia and Peter relocate to Newpark October 1. Once you've chosen a date and signed up, check with Julia regarding menu ideas and delivery instructions for their new digs.


September- December dates available for meals to Julia and Peter

Posted Aug 18, 2021 by Beth Souther

Dear all, most of us have experienced cancer treatments or our friends and relatives have. Receiving a meal we don’t plan and prepare is such a gift when recovering. There are plenty of fall dates available to deliver a meal to Julia and Peter. Please consult your calendar and choose a date or two.


You all are amazing!

Posted Aug 18, 2021 by Julia Munson

Hello! We have now been in Park City for 6 months and are so blessed to be here. You all have been welcoming and generous beyond what we could dream and it is making such a big difference in affirming God's call for this move, our level of comfort during a chapter that has been most uncomfortable and my healing. We cannot begin to express the gratitude we feel from receiving the weekly meal. With Peter working full time (away from home) and my continued limitations....this practical and delicious expression of your care and love are making a huge contribution to my healing. We both just exhale with a sigh of gratitude and relief on meal-delivery day! I'm also going to write a brief update for the newsletter. I'm looking for ways to stay plugged into St. Lukes while honoring my low energy. So far, it looks like I'll be participating weekly in the Lectio Devina and the women's bible study. In my mind, I'm sending all of you a big hug and look forward to the days when we can be together in person. With gratitude, Julia

Julia & Peter Munson