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Hello Friends and Family, The Wilson's are facing a very tough road ahead... Yashmeen was diagnosed with Stage 2A Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and DCIS (Breast Cancer). Since she is also HER2 and estrogen receptor positive, her cancer is considered very aggressive... But treatable. Breast Cancer in younger women typically means aggressive cancer... Ultimately, to combat cancer she will be undergoing Chemotherapy(TCHP), a double mastectomy and reconstruction. The majority of her treatment will begin February 8th and last thru May and June. In order to help support her and her little family, we've established this meal train. If you are far away and cannot sign up or arrange a meal, feel free to send a virtual gift card ( or you are welcome to send a donation (Venmo: @yazzy_land). *Used exclusively for medical bills/supplies and meals/groceries) Sending words of encouragement and checking in are also truly, truly appreciated. As she approaches her impending lymphnode US and biopsies(01/20), port surgery(01/25), Echo cardiogram(01/21), PET Scan and First Chemo infusion(02/08), understand that her family is temporarily displaced... Due to a flood in their home the day after Christmas. It's a very tough season for them but with your help, we can hopefully soften their burden. We hope that you may keep the Wilson's in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts as they navigate this entire tumultuous situation. Any help or contribution will always be received with pure gratitude. 💗Fight, Yaz!! 💗(NEARLY PURCHASED IN FULL😭😭😭 thank you everyone!) Yaz will update her list every now and then will post updates if she or her family needs anything. Chemotherapy and Mastectomy supply list:

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