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Meet Tina, Jamie, and Lincoln. Tina and Jamie work as cleaners for a company that cleans office buildings. They live in Belleville, Ontario and were living happily together with their three other children until March 26, 2016. The Diagnosis At 13 months old, Lincoln’s parents received news that every parent fears for their child: cancer, with an additional diagnosis of hydrocephalus. Shortly after this diagnosis, Lincoln had a 9.5 hour surgery, which only removed a small portion of his astrocytoma brain tumor. Doctors then began a round of chemo lasting 70 weeks to help Lincoln fight his cancer. The Treatment After his surgery, Lincoln spent four weeks at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and was then transferred to Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation for three months of therapy, with weekend visits home. Eight months later, Lincoln’s tumor began to grow again, resulting in another 70 weeks of chemo with no success in shrinking his tumor. Trial drugs caused damage to Lincoln’s liver, and while doctors waited for his liver to regenerate, the tumor began to grow rapidly, culminating in a 7.5 hr surgery. Surgeons were able to remove 80% of the tumor, and a combination of chemo followed for 68 weeks of treatment which made Lincoln violently ill. Chemo treatment was finally completed in September 2020. For most of his life, Lincoln has been in and out of SickKids Hospital and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) in Kingston, Ontario for continuing treatments, MRI scans, and for maintenance on his permanent IV access site. The Prognosis Lincoln’s family does not have a prognosis for him. The family has no alternative to living on a day-today basis, taking on each challenge as they unfold. Every quarter, Lincoln is put under anesthesia for an MRI and frequently visits KGH for maintenance on his permanent IV access site. The Day to Day Lincoln’s tumor is near his brainstem and cannot be removed safely. As a result, Lincoln has been left unable to walk without aid and cannot speak. He is in the process of learning sign language to communicate. Lincoln cannot eat normally and is fed with an NG tube. Tragically, he has never tasted real food, as Lincoln fights constant nausea which doctors have said is a chronic and permanent condition. He is on daily medications to fight nausea and seizures. How the Family is Doing Needless to say, Lincoln’s family is struggling. Tina used to work as a PSW but lost her job due to the time commitment needed to take care of Lincoln. Adding to this stress, COVID-19 has drastically reduced Tina and Jamie’s hours at work, cutting into their already stretched resources. There are other medical conditions which, unfortunately, are not exclusive to Lincoln. Tina will soon need to take unpaid medical leave for heart surgery. Doctors have also found a mass in Tina’s stomach, which is still pending a diagnosis. The family’s struggles, however, are not restricted to medical and financial. After losing their home due to the financial stress Lincoln’s illness caused, Tina and Jamie recently found out that their landlord needs to sell their rental home. Through no fault of their own, Lincoln’s family must find a new home by the end of June, which is difficult given the circumstances surrounding the housing market and additional financial setbacks due to COVID-19. What Can You Do? To give Lincoln, Tina, and their family the best chance of recovery, they will require a lot of financial support to be able to make ends meet. This mealtrain is dedicated to making sure they don't have to worry about food and cooking while Tina undergoes surgery and recovery. Thank you for your consideration in helping Lincoln and his family have the best possible chance at beating their illnesses. He, and those who love him, are endlessly grateful for any support you can give. You can donate to Lincoln's GoFundMe fundraiser here:

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