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Baking for Ve'ahavta

About this Meal Train Plus

In these unprecedented times, the Ve'ahavta Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach van is still serving our clients 7 days a week. While many people in the city follow Public Health directives to stay home, our most vulnerable neighbours find themselves in the precarious situation of not having a home to go to. Shelters are full and overcrowded, and places where food and assistance were previously accessible are now closed or harder to access. Ve'ahavta is currently distributing over 100 meals a day. We have not recently been able to provide snack foods to our clients, and these extra sources of food and joy are much missed. We are thereby asking people to volunteer for us to bake cookies, muffins, and other snacks that we can distribute to the people we serve. If you are interested in participating, please ensure you read all of the special instructions below. Please note that we are looking for a minimum of 100 baked goods per shift (a maximum of ~150-200) in order to meet our current needs. If you are a high school student interested in receiving volunteer hours for your participation, please sign up under your OWN name and email. Then please email the meal train organizer after your donation date(s) have passed with any forms your school requires along with a record of your hours completed, and we will sign and return your form to you. If you are unable to participate at this time but still want to help, please see for other ways you can give back. For our sandwich meal train, please go here: For our soup and chili meal train, please go here: PLEASE READ ALL GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE SIGNING UP TO BAKE.

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