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Mark Dickas

Mark Dickas

About this Meal Train Plus

As many of you know, Lara Kinne, beloved wife to Mark Dickas and mama to Elena, passed away suddenly in late July. While there are many unknowns and no words to express our grief, sadness, and love for Lara, Mark, and Elena, we wanted to start a meal train for them to ensure they have food when they need it for the next 6 months. After staying with Lauren, Joe, and their fam for a few days, Mark and Elena are now home and some combination of Elena’s aunties Amaris and Sophie (two of Lara’s sisters) and the two Dickas brothers are staying with them or participating in family dinner in the evenings. For the moment, the meal train is generally for 3-4 adults and Elena. If you have generously signed up for multiple meals, please keep checking these instructions for updates to the family table!


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