Meal Train Plus for

Anthony Bennington and roommates living expenses


Funeral arrangements

Posted 07/05/2018 by RHONDA OLSON of Rhonda's Aviary

Anthony passed away today at 5:44 pm. I will post funeral arrangements as soon as they are decided.


Update on Anthony

Posted 06/28/2018 by RHONDA OLSON of Rhonda's Aviary

So many people call and message wanting an update on Anthony. Anthony is still with us. He is not getting worse so that is something that is good. Every day that he maintains is actually a positive step forward. It may be a long road forward but he has dedicated friends and family that are rooting for him. Thank you so much for the support that you have shown for the family by bringing up a meal now and then.


Anthony is still with us and moving in the right direction...

Posted 06/23/2018 by RHONDA OLSON of Rhonda's Aviary

Update: Anthony is still in a coma. His Blood pressure, Pulse and temp are staying in a good range. The medicine they are giving him to regulate his blood pressure has been reduced from 30 yesterday to 10 today and his stats have remained at the level they want him at. The Epinephrine they were giving him has been stopped for 2 days now and he has not need it. This is a very positive change. He has once again breathed over the ventilator set breath rate. He had a spinal tap again today to help reduce the pressure on his brain. They talked about possibly doing a lumbar drain to help as well. He is still critical and we are taking things day by day. But everyone of the small steps forward keeps increasing his chances. So far we have not had any set backs. Please keep sending energy, praying ,Etc. for him. He has a great medical team helping him. Thank you all for your support. We love and appreciate all of you.