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Thanks to Randy for putting this together (and to Bullets for suggesting it) and thank you in advance to everyone participating. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. It runs in the family. My dad had it and so did his. Luckily, it looks like we caught it early enough that it can be surgically removed and then that's that. In the meantime, I will be in the hospital for up to a week beginning Wednesday February 20th. Dara will be there with me a lot of the time. Any help with meal prep for the kids is greatly appreciated. Once I get home, I will be on a special diet so Dara will have to prepare separate meals for me and the kids, until I can start moving around and taking care of myself again. Any continued help with the kids' meals would cut Dara's work in half and also would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, to all those who have already offered to help out and to those who are now considering it. This is a humbling experience and my heart goes out to my friends and community.

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