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The Spicer Family

About this Meal Train

Hey friends! As many of you know, we just had a baby girl on December 11. What you may not know, however, is that we've also received a call for a four month old baby boy who will be placed with us as early as Jan 14. We've been praying about this baby for almost two months now, so we're certain about our answer to say "yes," but we're also quite realistic in realizing that we're going to need some extra help while we adjust to this NEW change and we figure out life with four children, 2.5 years and younger. This meal train was created in response to the numerous times we've been asked, "How can I help?" Honestly, right now these practical things like meals will help keep our home running. Thanks for considering and supporting us! :) PS- Because this link is being shared publicly, our address is hidden. Please contact us to get our address or let us know where we can pick up the meal. 519 774 6857

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