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Update on latest scans

Posted 03/28/2019 by Nicole Garza

Good Afternoon, Just a brief update on Marty's scan results. No major change. Some areas were a little worse and others a little better. Her chemo treatment will remain as is and she will now start seeing a liver specialist to deal with the damages done to her liver from the cancer and from the chemo. No major regression is good news for us, but it is hard to hold on to that when you so desperately want a cure for your child. Her numbers had been improving so well that we had hopes that we might see complete elimination of the cancer, a cure for her. Please continue to pray for a cure, a new treatment, a miracle, something that will allow her to live her life to it's fullest as God intended for her. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever Grateful, Thankful and Blessed! Marty's Mom Sandy


A Year Ago!

Posted 03/18/2019 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, It has been a very long time since I have posted any updates on Marty. Life for most has gone back to normal and the shock of Marty's illness has passed. But not for her. Yesterday marks the day that she came home and told her dad, her brother and I of her diagnosis. It's a day forever etched in our memories. I remember the air quite literally being sucked out of my lungs as she cried telling us her news. Some of my dearest and closest friends know exactly what that feels like as you have experienced it as well. This day, a year ago, led us to a journey that we never expected to take. With the fear and doubt, came love and gratefulness. Our relationships have deepened and the time that we may have once taken for granted we don't any more. Life is precious and we must celebrate with every day that we have. We are so very thankful for the 365 days that God has granted us of having Marty in our lives. We are blessed with every word, every tear, every hug and every breath that she has taken this year. We are faithful in believing He will grant us many more. Marty's new norm is one that most of us couldn't endure. At least I know that I couldn't. While she still marches on she is hit hard with exhaustion, continues with daily doses of Chemotherapy, monthly bone infusions, and all sorts of other procedures that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But in all of this, she continues to be the bravest, boldest, most beautiful and intelligent woman I know. She is my HERO!! I want to thank each of you that have and continue to reach out to her and let her know how much you love her and support her. I cannot thank TD Ameritrade enough for what they have done for her over this past 12 months. They continue to support and believe in her. I will forever be indebted to them for that. I will encourage all that I know to seek their advice when the opportunity arises. We thank all of the family members that have driven many many miles and others who have broken out of their boxes and took the leap of doing things they have never done before (like flying on a plane for the first time) so they could be with Marty and show her how very much she is loved. For the friends that have been there for her and ours that have dried our tears and cried with us, we love you all. We pray for good scan results later this week and we pray that in this next 12 months Marty will find more energy and strength to enjoy the important things in her life, her family. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever blessed, thankful and grateful! Marty's Mom


Annnnndddddd She's Done!!! 🎉💃

Posted 09/21/2018 by Nicole Garza

At least we think so. Still needs to be confirmed with another scan that should happen within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the side effects of the chemo will start to subside quickly and life can move to a more normal basis for Marty and her beautiful family. The rest weeks have been her hardest and that is leading to some anxiety of what is to come. Also, waiting for the scans and the confirmation that she is done with the chemo is adding to that anxiety. But because of your prayers and the good Lord above hearing those prayers, and her body's response to the treatments when last checked, we have no reason to believe that she won't be done. She has gone back to work and continues to push herself through this. I am amazed always at her strength, grace and resilience in which she has taken on this challenge in her life. She is a true inspiration for us. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever blessed, thankful and grateful! Marty's Mom


One more Round to Go!

Posted 08/24/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, It's been a while since I last updated you on Marty. She has completed 15 sessions of Chemo, that 5 rounds. She has one more round that consists of three chemo sessions and if all goes as anticipated, this will be the end of her Chemo treatments. She will need to have the scans done again and have them reviewed but if she receives the same good news as last scans she will be able to leave chemo behind and move on to hormone therapy. As many of you know she took some time off to rest and try to let the Chemo do what it's supposed to do. She had to stop and process what all is going and try to put this all in the proper perspective. She is amazing and extremely strong and is moving forward in her life. God is good and he is allowing her not to experience the worst that cancer can bring to a person. She has issues but they have all so far been manageable and do get better. She feels your prayers as do we. They are the where her strength and ours come from. Your love and support has been more than anyone could have asked for. Please continue to pray as she is not done with this yet, but with your love and prayers and God's divine touch she will be whole again and enjoying her life as she should be, full of energy and enthusiasm. Back to the Marty we all know and love. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever blessed, thankful and grateful! Marty's Mom Sandy


Treatment #13 Complete

Posted 08/03/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, After another couple of weeks I am happy to report that Marty's week of rest was for the most part pretty calm. She had her Grandmother with her and that provided her some much needed love and support. She continues with the normal exhaustion that comes with her treatments and the new regimen that they are working with for the nausea and vomiting seems to be working well. They too have a good handle on her pain meds and are able to keep her pain levels under control. I am so excited to report that her visit with Dr. Young yesterday was very positive. Dr. Young says that everything is looking good and that Marty's liver is finally showing signs of shrinkage (which is a good thing in this case). The agreed plan is to switch to the hormone therapy after Marty finishes these next 5 treatments, provided everything continues to go as well as it is right now. There is no reason to believe that it wouldn't. We are so very uplifted to hear that news. I can't even begin to tell you how much. For the many that continue to provide Marty and her family with the meals, the calls, the texts, the visits and the donations on this page, or even private donations, we all say thank you! I hope that you all know that this message is specifically to each and every one of you, your support, in whatever form it comes in, is and will forever be appreciated. Marty, Michael and all of their family want to thank you and send our gratitude for your love and support. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever blessed, thankful and grateful! Marty's Mom Sandy


Treatment #12 Coming Right Up

Posted 07/16/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Afternoon, It's been a couple of week's since our last update on Marty and there isn't a lot of anything new to update. She continues to try and rest and manage the side effects of the chemo. They have started a new regimen on Monday's to try and help hold the side effects to a minimum. So far that seems to be working pretty well for her. She has tried to enjoy some of the time that she has had with her children and her family but is becoming a bit anxious about the need to sleep so much of the time. She misses being able to feel energetic and normal and is looking to get back to that very soon. Thursday, July 19th will be treatment #12. There are only 6 more left after that before we get to see if she can be moved to the hormone treatment which will be her ongoing maintenance plan. Please pray, pray, pray for her to have the same level or greater improvements so that she can stop the chemo and move forward. Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! Forever blessed, thankful and grateful, Marty's Mom Sandy


Scan Results Are In!

Posted 07/04/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, Last Wednesday Marty went in for her first full body scan since she started her treatments 3 months ago. We are very happy to report to all of you that her scans were very, very positive. In all areas that they have identified the cancer there were marked improvements. The treatment plan will continue with no modifications with her next treatment scheduled this Thursday, July 5th. We will continue to pray for continued positive response from her body. She is resting and focusing on getting better every day. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as God is listening and answering those prayers. She sends her gratitude and thanks to all for your continued love and support. Blessed and Grateful, Marty's Mom Sandy


Round 3 is Complete

Posted 06/22/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, Marty finished her 9th treatment yesterday or round 3 of her Chemo. She will be getting new scans done next week and we are very prayerfully hopeful that we will get the confirmation we so desperately want with validation that her tumors ARE shrinking. She finally has taken a leave of absence from work and that has been both emotional and trying for her. She loves what she does and the people that she works with. They have been so good to her. They have provided her much needed support, love, encouragement and confidence in her journey. They continue to be there for her and her family and for that we will be forever grateful. Marty continues to courageously deal with the issues that come from the high calcium levels and the exhaustion that both the cancer itself and the chemo bring on. Her medical support team continues to work with her and with the fluids they are giving her and with lots of rest they try to minimize those issues. She takes one day at a time with confidence, grace and courage. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she continues making progress. Forever grateful, Marty's Mom Sandy


Thank You Note

Posted 06/12/2018 by Nicole Garza

Good Morning Everyone, I wanted to take a moment and thank each of you for the love and support that you have shown to our daughter and our family. Many of you have contributed both on the website or in person and some of you anonymously. For each contribution, for each meal provided, for each word of kindness, for every hug received and most of all for each prayer that you have prayed on behalf of our daughter, from the bottom of our heart, we thank you. She is at peace and has accepted the path that God has given her with much grace, strength, courage and determination. She is a fighter and will win this fight with God's help, your love and your prayers. On behalf of Marty, her husband Michael, her children Madison, Sophia and Eli, myself, my husband Chuck and our son Shelby we are forever grateful and thankful to have each of you in her life and in our hearts. Marty's Mom, Sandy


Marching Forward with Determination and Strength

Posted 06/04/2018 by Nicole Garza

Marty's second full round of treatments has been completed. She will start her 3rd round (treatment #7) this week. She continues to battle the issues that the high levels of calcium create but she continues to remain positive and determined as always. While she has other issues, the main one remains to be the overwhelming exhaustion. The cancer itself, the chemo and the calcium all continue to contribute to that. Your outpouring of support in the meals, the donations and the amazing prayers from you all are what continue to encourage her to fight and to be well. She sends her love and her sincerest gratitude to you all. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues her fight to wellness. Blessings to you all.


Marty's Week

Posted 05/21/2018 by Nicole Garza

When Marty received her diagnosis, one of the things that worried her most was her ability to attend two very important presentations/recognitions that she was scheduled to attend in May. These programs were scheduled one on the west coast and the other on the east. Well she has completed that trip, not only from coast to coast, but stopping in the middle to complete treatment #5. She is amazing and a force to be reckoned with. When she sets her mind to something there is just about nothing that will stand in her way of accomplishing it. Once again she has proven that to us as she will with her battle with this cancer. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers as she catches up this week with some much needed and deserved rest.



Posted 05/07/2018 by Cindy Scoggin

Good news to share this week - the chemo is doing it's job! The first round of treatments are complete and we are very pleased with the results. The tumors are shrinking and she has had some relief from a few of the symptoms they are causing. Some of the fatigue and other effects she has had have been from her calcium levels being too high from the cancer. She is working with her doctors on figuring out the best way to bring those levels down. In the meantime, taking in lots of fluids and getting a lot of sleep has helped to ease some of the effects. Overall positive news to share! Please keep praying!



Posted 04/26/2018 by Cindy Scoggin

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