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The Camperson Family

About this Meal Train

After months of tests and doctors, bloodwork and scopes, our family learned of the devastating news that our rock and protector needed help. Joe was diagnosed with a (likely cancerous) tumor in his bile duct. They needed to perform a life changing whipple procedure to save his life. We are so thankful for each of you. The love and support we have been shown through this, is nothing short of amazing. This is where we are updating our village that is supporting us. Joe is in the best hands at OU med center and we are glad he is there. He has a very hard recovery ahead of him but we will be right behind him the whole way. The hospital stay will be 8 days to 2 weeks and then he will come home and continue recovering. you can ask us questions here or use it how you please. He will eventually see this website though, so leave him words of encouragement or well wishes to read later. Much love Camperson Family

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