Traci, Natalie, and Scot

About this Meal Train page

Thank you for wanting to support Traci, Natalie and Scot during this time. They are so blessed by your love, care and concern for them! Traci is very thankful that you would take the time to help their family! If possible, please try to limit take-out (any restaurant-type meals) for healthier eating purposes. If you would like to send a gift card, please give one from Vons. Thank you so much! Delivery: Please drop off food from 4-6PM at the front porch bench and give a quick knock so they know a meal is ready for them :). Text Pam for address or questions: 626-674-5779. To celebrate and honor Gary's life, we created a GatheringUs memorial site. Please post your stories, photos and videos of Gary and we will compile them and create physical memory books to bless Traci, Natalie, Scot, Gary's mom, and siblings. Copy link to browser:

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