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Tyrone Bell and Family

Tyrone Bell and Family

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Update: Dear friends, I am saddened to share the passing of our Beloved friend Tyrone Bell. He fought a terrible battle against Covid 19 very hard this past 11 days. Unfortunately, God needed him to serve from above, and he joined many sweet family and friends on Oct 18, 2021. At this time, we are postponing any meal or grocery needs as his son, mother and father also recover from Covid. We will make updates as the needs arise. Continue to pray for peace, understanding, and healing for his supporting family, his friends and colleagues at Verde Valley Fire District, and all the people he has touched over his all too abbreviated life. We are forever blessed to have known and loved him. Peace, our sweet brother, we love you. As you may know Tyrone Bell became suddenly ill with Covid 19 on Saturday. His first symptoms included seizures. His fellow colleagues/friends from Verde Valley Fire District rushed him to VVMC where efforts to control the seizures continued, but proved to be difficult. He was then intubated, sedated, and flown to Barrow Neurologic Center at St. Joseph's in Phoenix. During the next several days there were delays in getting his MRI of his brain due to staffing shortages. This further prolonged his complete assessment and resulted in days of agonizing uncertainty for his family. No family is ever prepared for this type of catastrophic interruption. Of course, there is no direct contact with him as he is in isolation. The nurses have shared video of him. As there is no known timeline in Tyrone's recovery, we ask that you provide prayers and support any way you can. We will know more over time, as to when the family will be home and in need of meals. Missed work, and medical bills add up quickly so please consider a monetary donation if possible. Tyrone's career as a Verde Valley Firefighter/paramedic has committed him to serve his community. Let us show he and his family how much we appreciate his compassion for others. This is a man who will drop what he is doing to help others. He always offers a laid back smile and makes everyone feel comfortable. He is a model husband and father to Tyson and Ashli. As you know, the Bell's have struggled through this same scenario with other family members more than once, so you can imagine the devastating impact this has had on them. Pray for a full and fast recovery for our sweet friend.


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