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The Davison - Richard Family

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Hey friends, As many of you know, our dear fella, Peter Davison, is having Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery on February 16. DBS can help reduce the symptoms of tremor, slowness of movement, speaking and walking issues, and stiffness caused by Parkinson's Disease. For over 10 years, we have witnessed Pete's brave, inspiring and open journey with Parkinson's and we pray that this innovative treatment will enable him to better manage his symptoms, reduce his medications, and improve his quality of life. Although recovery period duration varies by patient, we thought it prudent to plan for a six week recovery, as Pete restores from the surgery and gets used to managing this fancy new neurotransmitter! Doctors have indicated that he may be in the hospital for up to a week, and then will rest at home for up to six weeks. We know, for sure, that he will not be able to drive a car for six weeks. So, if you are able to assist, in any of the ways indicated (meals, on-call for snow removal, on-call for running errands, flower delivery, etc.) as indicated in the schedule, please sign up. This will be a great way to organize activities in the most supportive way possible. Please note that we are also scheduling family with this platform, so friends please do not sign up for FAMILY ADAF activities, just any of the other activities instead. We are also requesting no hospital visitation, or drop in house visitation. Your cards, FB messages, prayers, and any other assistance as outline in this calendar are all very much appreciated. Our best gift to Pete, and his family, will be to ensure that he can relax into his recovery, have peace of mind that his needs and his family's needs are taken care of, and know that he can dedicate any surplus wellness energy he experiences in this first six weeks toward his beautiful family. Thank you!

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