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Our dear five-year-old friend, Noah Mills, was recently diagnosed with cancer. More specifically, doctors discovered Noah has late-stage bilateral renal (kidney) cancer, called Wilms Tumor. He and his family have begun Noah's chemotherapy treatments in Denver. These will continue for several months, leading to eventual surgeries. Noah will be attending school as much as possible throughout his treatment. His parents, Jason and Shannon, share that Noah has been brave and courageous thus far and that Noah’s strong heart, spirit, and tenacity shine bright. Knowing our community is full of generous and helpful hearts, this Meal Train was organized by friends of the Mills Family to help support them during this time. Please feel free to sign-up to make the family a meal and/or make a donation, as it is highly probable that Jason and Shannon will encounter unforeseen expenses during their family's fight with cancer. Most importantly, Jason and Shannon welcome your prayers and are grateful for your love and support! Please feel free to share this page with others who are looking for ways to support Noah and his family.

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