Winter Warmth Closing Date

Posted May 19, 2020 by Erin Connell

Hello everyone, Thank you again for your faithful service to our community through meal provision at Winter Warmth over the last 6 months. It has been encouraging and fruitful ministry and we trust the Lord to grow the seeds that have been planted for His glory. The shelter is confirmed to close on May 29th, so the meals for the 30th and 31st are effectively cancelled. Please continue to pray for other opportunities to minister to the folks we have connected with and the staff. They know we do what we do because we love Jesus and they know we are praying for them. God is able to radically transform lost lives, we all know this from our own salvation stories. Thank you again, to Him be the glory! You are loved, Erin & Sharon


Meal Train for the Homeless- new protocol

Posted Mar 19, 2020 by Erin Connell

Hello Everyone! Thank you again for your faithful service as we continue to minister to the residents of Winter Warmth shelter by providing meals. We are just 6 short weeks away from the temporary shelter being officially closed. We have had some great opportunities to show the love of Jesus both practically with the food but also in opportunities to pray and share the gospel with residents. In light of the new Covid-19 challenges, we are implementing some new protocols and food plans to adhere to social distancing and isolation recommendations from our City's leadership. Our prayer is that despite these new challenges we will finish this race well! What a great opportunity for an "all hands on deck" family sandwich making train while we are all home with our loved ones! Effective this weekend, we will need to prepare bagged lunch-style options for the residents. These are easily distributed by staff and allow for safer drop off options for our volunteers. Not sure what to include? Here is a suggestion for a great bagged lunch: -meat & cheese sandwich -apple or fruit -soft cookies or soft granola bar -juice box Thank you again for serving the Lord in this way. Please be praying for the homeless in our community, they have been displaced from many of the places they typically seek refuge during the day and many of the meal programs have discontinued or altered their service during this time. Please email me if you have any questions at compassion@missioncitybiblechurch.ca. You are loved! Erin