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The Hornby Family

About this Meal Train Plus page

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our Meal Train Plus. We are using this tool to help out the Hornby Family as they navigate life with a childhood cancer diagnosis. In April 2019, on the way home from Spring Break, Claire Hornby fell ill. She had unexplained headaches and nausea which induced extreme sleepiness. Upon a visit to her pediatrician, Dr. David Matthias, and the following MRI, we found out Claire has a brain tumor and was suffering from hydrocephalus. We were immediately sent off to Marshfield Children's Hospital as a direct admit to the Pediatric ICU. Claire underwent surgery where a shunt was placed in her brain to relieve the swelling and extra fluid that was building up due to a blockage of the third ventricle by the tumor. At the hospital, Claire exclaimed "I just wish we could get this NERD out of my head!" Ever since, her tumor has been called "Nerd." Approximately four weeks later, on May 5, 2019, we arrived at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. Claire was admitted to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital for a biopsy of the tumor. She faired very well with this delicate surgery and recovered quickly. It was found that Claire's tumor is a diffuse midline glioma grade 4 tumor. We began the standard treatment course at St. Jude outpatient and lived in the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Memphis for approximately two months. At the beginning of July, Claire successfully completed radiation treatment and was allowed to return home for a personal break with a little bit smaller "Nerd". An expedited Make A Wish trip to Disney World was facilitated during this time as well as personal and St. Jude Fundraisers. Kirsten and Claire returned to Memphis, TN in August to begin participation in a stage 1 clinical trial. They were in Memphis for 6 weeks, returning home on September 21, 2019. The Hornby girls will return to Memphis for monthly appointments at St. Jude. Kirsten has gone back to work to maintain her position in the Wausau School District and is facing many challenges balancing all of her roles. Claire will remain home indefinitely on homebound instruction as simple colds and flu are very dangerous to her with a compromised immune system. Kirsten's parents, Lin and Charles Strong, have stepped up to assist during the days while Kirsten is at school. Kurt is working very long hours with a big commute up to Harley Davidson in Tomahawk, WI. Oliver is running cross country and is keeping everyone on their toes! The Hornby's need a hand with things like meals, organizing, cleaning, and respite care. Thank you for your amazing support of our family! Kirsten

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