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The Shelton Family


Rob is home!!!!!

Posted Aug 3, 2022 by Megan Wellhausen

Hello everyone! Thank you for helping the Shelton family with warm dishes and gift cards to make life easier at this time. Rob has now returned home and Laura will head back to work soon. So our support is still needed during this time of continued therapy and adapting to a new way of living at home. Iv added more dates to sign up for. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. One less stress of planing and executing meals will just make things easier for this family! Thank you for all of your help! This is the latest from Laura and Rob on FB just in case you missed or you are not on FB! Rob is definitely glad to be home, of course, but he does miss the regular therapy sessions he got during rehab. Basically he doesn’t want to lose any progress that he made while he was there. Several times a day, he gets up on his feet, tries to do mini squats and other exercises to put some weight on his legs, and today, he tried to take a few tentative steps with his cane. He goes for his first outpatient appointment on Wednesday, where he will be assessed for speech and occupational therapy. We were told that if he passes speech assessment, he won’t have to do speech therapy while at this facility. Hopefully he will be able to start physical therapy soon. Luckily he will be receiving outpatient therapy at a facility much closer to our house, so we are glad for shorter driving times. Rob continues to be determined to get through this, and every day it seems like I can see a little something that I couldn’t see him do before. He told me that he feels like he can beat this. I said there isn’t a doubt in my mind that he can. And will. Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming! 58


Laura's emai

Posted Jun 3, 2022 by Megan Wellhausen

Should you need Laura's email for gift cards or Grubhub or other things. Laura's email is