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Jacob Ferch and his Fabulous Family

Jacob Ferch and his Fabulous Family

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Jacob Ferch, our Red Apple alumni and new Starbuck phoenix, recently discovered he had a very large brain tumor. As many at Red Apple may know, Jacob struggled with nausea and significant weight loss for the past year. The GI team could not figure out what was the cause. More recently, Jacob began to experience more difficulties with disorientation, depth perception, and walking - all of which were attributed to weakness from his weight loss. Mom recently took him to get a haircut and discovered multiple cysts on his head which confirmed, it wasn't just a GI issue. What came after was an MRI and a discovery of a tumor that took up more than 25% of his brain. On 9/8/21, Jacob underwent a 17.5 hour surgery to remove the tumor. He lost a significant amount of blood which required two transfusions. However, he came out on the other end alive and tumor free. Now the road to recovery begins. The doctors noted Jacob will have significant left sided weakness, mobility issues, possible vision issues, and (due to an accidental slice in the brain) possible other unknown issues. Our Jacob is a strong, positive fella though so we know he will do great. However, this road will not be easy, and we want to do everything we can so his family can be there for him. So to help take some stress from them, let's feed the family! Additionally, the hospital bills will obviously be tremendous, so if a meal isn't something you can help with, if you'd like to make a donation, perhaps they can either put it towards a meal or the many bills that are about to come their way. Anything we can do to help ease the stress on this family would be wonderful. Jacob's recovery should be their primary focus. We want to see our guy back on his feet and brightening up our lives once again. :-) Thank you!


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