Meal Train for

The Lebel Family

About this Meal Train

Hey sweet friends! I've had several people ask how they can help, and Allyn was kind enough to suggest some meals. Charlie and Zeke come home Sunday night. Charlie goes back to work on Monday, August 8, and I'll be home with two little girls who have desperately missed their dad and a new son who's 13 hours off his schedule and won't have the English words to express any of his BIG feelings. Our first few months will be filled with doctor's appointments to various specialists as we figure out how to best meet Zeke's medical needs and lots of intensive family bonding time as we all get to know our newest member and focus on making him feel safe and loved. As those of you with kiddos know, dinner preparation can be quite challenging with littles running around, and any help you can offer during this adjustment period would be SO appreciated. We love all the things and have no food allergies. Thanks so much!