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Support Restaurants, Fuel Volunteers

Support Restaurants, Fuel Volunteers

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We know that Helena-area restaurants have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also know that up to 50 volunteers and healthcare professionals are working hard to vaccinate our community at the Community Point of Distribution (POD) at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds. From immunizers to traffic controllers, they're diligent in vaccinating people in our community. They love what they do and they're having a great time serving our community. We'd like to make sure we can thank and fuel them by providing dinner. We've had awesome support from the team at "Elkhorn Community Organizations Active During Disaster (COAD)" who have been providing snacks for the vaccinators, but lots of people have reached out to see how they too can support the effort. Organizations and individuals can support their favorite local restaurants AND fuel volunteers by purchasing meals and donating them! It's that simple! Here's how it works: - Sign up for a date (below) - Work with your favorite local restaurant to place the order - Drop the meal(s) off at the Fairgrounds (98 W. Custer), on your assigned date. - Email at least two days before your assigned date to let us know what restaurant you've chosen (you can also enter it in the meal description when you sign up) and if you or your company want to be recognized on a sign at the fairgrounds vaccination POD! - Let us know if you need assistance with drop-off at the Fairgrounds. We can help pick up the meal(s) at the restaurant and drop them off at the Fairgrounds. - You will see we have 2 slots open each day (meals for 20 each). If you want to sign up for 40 meals, just sign up for both slots on a single day! Remember: - No potluck style meals, please. All items must be individually wrapped/packaged. - Sorry, no homemade items can be accepted. What you get? - Lots of thanks and appreciation - A sign at the drive-through clinic for everyone at the clinic to see (hundreds of people) that says: "Community Volunteers Fueled Today by [enter your name/your business] and [enter your restaurant of choice]!" Thank you in advance! We're in this together, and together we'll get through this.

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