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Posted Jun 29, 2021 by carene stover

Hi Everyone! So I am just working on a few quick updates now that we have most of the information! Cam Hughes is an amazing man with a big battle. In May, after a routine CT scan for diverticulitis, a mass was found on the neck of his pancreas. Repeat scans and biopsies were performed that diagnosed stage 4 adenocarcinoma with metastasis to the liver. On July 7th, Cam will be starting a clinical trial at duke that will include chemotherapy and potentially immunotherapy as well. Cam has finished all of the necessary tests and had the port placed to begin treatment. We are fighting this terrible diagnosis with "Positive Vibrations" and holding out the hope for a Miracle. This past weekend on June 27th, Cam and I (Carene) were married on the beach with a few of our closest friends and family. We are a blended family with 4 young children from both sides. Thank you all for all of the love and support. T-shirts are currently being sold at

The Hughes Family