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10/11/17 - We have an update on Mike: Mike was allowed to go home last Thursday (10/5/17) under the care of Hospice. I spoke with Angela last night and she and the kids are very grateful to have Mike home, but there are several things she needs help with. Mike is in a great deal of pain a majority of the time and pretty much confined to the hospital bed that has been brought in for him. He cannot be left alone, so he is under 24-hour watch. These things are in no certain order of urgency: • Help with meals (link to meal calendar - https://mealtrain.com/k9evkz). • Or, if the kitchen is not your favorite room in the house, I know they would welcome gift cards (HEB, Walmart, Pizza, Restaurants) • Angela said she has a neighbor helping with the yard, but maybe someone can also help with that once in awhile • If you have free time and would like to visit with Mike, he would love the company (check with Angela via email below to see how his day is going) o If able to stay for an hour or so, please let Angela know so she can plan to run an errand or two while you are there • Thank goodness getting the kids to and from school is taken care of, but she does need help in getting the kids around after school and out of the house o If you’re taking your kids to the park or the movie, maybe you can ask Luke (age 14) and Kara (age 9) to go also. o They also have season passes to Fiesta, so if anyone is going there, I know the kids would love to tag along, since Angela is not able to leave the house unless someone else is with Mike Angela’s email - ashiflet12@gmail.com August 2017 Mike Shiflet from W&M Environmental Group's San Antonio office has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, Stage 4 Bone Cancer and has a fractured hip. Right now he’s in the hospital trying to break up a blood clot in his leg, and also has pneumonia. As of yesterday (7/30/17), they were hoping that he would be released to rehab later this week to work on getting his lower body strength back and continue breathing treatments for the pneumonia, so he will eventually be able to go home. His treatment right now consists of Chemo once a week and Radiation every day. Mike still has a long hard fight ahead of him. We all know expenses can add up quickly when unexpected things happen. They have friends in San Antonio who are helping with the evening meals, house chores and getting Luke (age 14) and Kara (age 9) around until school starts. But there are still many other things they need help with. Where we would like to help is supplementing Mike's income, since Mike is not able to work right now and has been placed on short term disability. School will be starting soon and they will have those additional needs to be met also For updates on Mike, please check here or on Angela's facebook page. We have also added a meal helper calendar https://mealtrain.com/k9evkz if you would like to help out with meals. If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your support and continued prayers!!!

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