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I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who has been following our journey, sending us support in the forms of dinner, gift-cards, Ceci playdates, toys, cards, calls, texts, emails - even prayers and good vibes. You have truly carried us through this heart-breaking time. Now, with the memorials over, Ceci and I start the work of living our lives without Clayton. Ceci is back at school and I've given myself only two jobs through the end of summer: to grieve and to parent. I'm so very grateful to have Cecilia in my life - she wakes me every morning and the day begins. Grief in motion. She keeps me moving forward when my heart wants to pull the covers over my head. We are sad and we cry and we get angry with each other and we apologize and I know only time will lessen our suffering. For now, I'm "archiving" our Meal Train -- we are "okay" and managing. If that changes, I will certainly let everyone know but don't worry if I may seem quieter than usual on social media. I am a bit in retreat, licking my wounds. Hibernation seems like a necessary (and I promise, temporary) part of this healing process. Again, thank you for every loving thought, every loving act. We are loved. No doubt. Clayton died knowing he was loved beyond measure. What a wonderful, wonderful gift you gave us all. Love, Susan & Ceci

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