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Asher Gangadharan Krop 8/28/2015-12/18/2016 "Always Happy Asher" was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on Sunday, December 11. A week later, he passed away. He will always be in our hearts and minds. Our community has comforted Denise and Elliot in so many ways with their outpouring of love and support. Meals have been taken care of, so now the best way to help them is financial support. As we mobilize to help this wonderful family we are hoping to raise some funds to help offset the (yet to be fully known) costs of hospital bills, funeral services, etc., that are likely to be very high. The family is NOT interested in gaining unneeded funds. Any remaining funds will be donated to a charity of their choice in honor of Asher’s life. This help and support means everything to the family and the community - as it reaffirms the bonds that link us together in this dire time of profound mourning. Please continue to show them love whichever way you can, not only now, but in the months to come.


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