IMPORTANT: We are recommending all Meal Trains utilize Restaurant or "Contact-Free" delivery when providing support during COVID-19. Learn More
MacNeal Hospital

About this Meal Train Plus

At MacNeal Hospital, our colleagues (including nurses, physicians, patient care techs, housekeepers, food and nutrition workers, etc.) are working around the clock to serve COVID-19 patients in the emergency department and inpatient units. Please consider signing up to send a meal to our teams focused on patient care during these extremely challenging times. If you are unable to sponsor a full meal but would still like contribute, we are accepting limited food and beverage donations, as detailed below. All donations will go directly to nurses, physicians, food service workers and other members of the health care teams caring for COVID-19 patients. MEAL TRAIN DONATIONS • Limited hot food or refrigerated food items will be accepted due to temperature control and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. • To help with infection control, we are unable to accept family-style meals such as pizzas or pasta trays. All meals must be delivered in single-serving containers. • We are unable to accept homemade food items. • For ease of scheduling all meal deliveries, please remember which hospital unit you have signed up to have food for and communicate that with the food delivery company. • As you place your food order, it is imperative that you leave the complete delivery instructions that are noted for the inpatient units or the emergency department. We have five different hospital teams caring for COVID-19 patients and want to support them all. Please help alleviate any confusion by giving the food delivery companies as much information as possible. • Lunch deliveries should be scheduled for 11:30am. • Dinner deliveries should be scheduled for 8:30 pm. • Please coordinate with the food establishment to deliver food directly to Entrance A (near the emergency department). Please specify delivery time at least 24 hours in advance on the Meal Train sign-up so we can alert staff. OTHER FOOD AND BEVERAGE DONATIONS • Food donations, if not part of the Meal Train, can be dropped off at Entrance A of MacNeal Hospital, 3249 S. Oak Park Ave., Berwyn, IL, Monday, Wednesday or Friday during the hours of 8 to 10 am. • We are unable to accept homemade food items • We are able to accept: o Pre-packaged and single-service food items, including snacks, chips and cookies o Beverages of any kind – water, sodas, juices and other single-service drinks o Other individually packaged food items that can be left at room temperature o Commercially prepared single-service food items, including healthy snacks On behalf of Loyola Medicine, thank you for helping take care of our colleagues during these challenging times.

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