Asante families in need

About this Meal Train Plus page

Thank you for taking the time to sign up to make a meal for someone in need your gift of a hot meal will go further than you know. Not able to cook but want to donate to those cooking so more meals can be made we have a goal to raise money. The money will be used % for more meals for the families in need. Your donation will help so many thank, you for supporting those Asante employees and their families in need. We appreciate you! Also there are days of the week with employees name on it, you can cook any day of the week, this is just how i felt it would be easy to keep those in need taken care of, and how i can connect with those cooking. if you want to make more than one meal for the family you have selected you are welcome to do that as well. Also once you have selected a family please go back to the facebook page link or text me (541 301-1030) if you are not on facebook with; your name the family you selected, and how many meals you plan to make and what day of the week you plan to cook. this way i can get you in contact with the family to be able to drop of the meal. please text me of facebook me if you have questions

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