Meal Train® for Hotel de Zink 2023

Meal Train® for Hotel de Zink 2023


Hotel de Zink 2023


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Allergies or Restrictions

if possible, please provide some part of your meal that will be healthy and nutritious for those who are diabetic and pre-diabetic, and if possible, provide some portion of the meal for vegetarians.

Food For

15 Adults

Drop-Off Time

7 - 7:15 pm

Special Instructions

Weekend breakfast instructions - Please provide 40 non-nut breakfast bars 40 yogurt cups (2 Costco flats of yogurt =48 yogurts) 40 pieces fruit - easy to peel, easy to eat and easy to transport - suggest Halo Tangerines and Bananas Please deliver to the church kitchen by Friday, any time is fine, but you will need to get into the kitchen. Please check with church office or one of us if you do not have a key. We welcome individuals, families, small faith groups, neighbors, etc. to sign up to bring a main dish and/or two side dishes on a specific day. See more details below. QUICK GUIDE Make dinner for 12-15 people or have dinner for 12-15 people delivered to the Church. Dinner is served by the staff at 7:15 PM, please deliver between 7 PM and 7:15 PM. The staff will arrive at 6:30 PM if you need to deliver before guests are there for covid protection. FOUR WAYS TO HELP Please provide enough food for 12-15 servings between 7:00 and 7:15 PM. Food should be in disposable containers (unfortunately, you cannot cook in the kitchen this year). 1. You may bring the food or have it delivered to the table next to the kitchen in the breezeway. 2. The LifeMoves staff will serve the food. 70-80% of our guests and 100% of LifeMoves staff are vaccinated. If you are vaccinated and would like to visit with our guests, please visit on Tuesdays or Thursdays or whenever you bring a dinner. This will keep the guests and staff and parishioners safe. • Please sign up for a dinner on a specific date (Main Dish and/or Sides where sides include vegetables AND salads AND OPTIONALLY, starches and non-sugary beverages). See meal info in Favorite meals below: Hotel De Zink Contact List & Shift Schedul -Roman Robertson (650) 445-9420 Mon, Tues, Wed; 5PM- 7 AM. -Sam Wilborn (408) 242-0915 Thurs, Fri; 5 PM - 7 AM -Gerardo Valencia (650) 559-4085 Sat, Sun; 5 PM - 7 AM -Case Management Staff: Robert Smith (408) 802-3801 Making our guests feel extra-welcome Our HDZ guests really appreciate the kindness and generosity of your meal. Thank you for brightening their day and filling their stomachs with your delicious dinner. The guests will arrive tired and hungry. You might be able to brighten their evening even further by including a note with your dinner, if you are able. Or flowers for the table. On behalf of the Outreach Commission, and the Hotel de Zink guests and staff: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING! Contact us if you have questions. Susan Dansker: 650 269-4570

Meal Drop-Off Location

Palo Alto, CA

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