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Around 5am on Wednesday, November 16th, my cousin Angie tragically lost her 4 boys in a house fire in Mason City, Iowa. Her husband has been airlifted to Iowa City 4 hours away, so she hasn't been able to see him yet. We know he was badly burned, is under sedation, and on a ventilator. Her daughter Raven is okay, and was released from the hospital. Angie's work was kind enough to organize a GoFund-Me to help offset the costs of everything related to this horrific tragedy if you'd like to donate at the link below. The family welcomes and extends sincerest gratitude for any help during this time. This meal train is for Angie and Raven. If anyone wants to drop off a meal, or have something delivered via doordash, etc. Angie appreciates your respect for her privacy while we grieve the loss of my 4 sweet little cousins. Please keep Angie, Raven and John Mikal in your prayers.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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