Meal Train® for Mutual Aid Survival Squad

Mutual Aid Survival Squad

Meal Train® for Mutual Aid Survival Squad


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Vegan always encouraged! Please list any common allergens on food packaging.

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Goal: Warm meal for 15-50 folks! We try to have 2-3 cooks per distribution, to offer options. This is everything from spaghetti and garlic bread, to muffins and cookies. Please cook as little as 15 or as many as 50 servings - anything helps. Supplies: MASS has access to an assortment of basic ingredients - rice, beans, tortillas, basic vegetables and $$ for some reimbursement is often available. Please contact the # for more info if you need assistance here! Logistics: We are happy to pick up food between 4:30 and 5PM on distribution days (Monday and Saturday. We do prefer drop off, if possible - which happens on Mondays (6PM at the downtown Grocery Outlet parking lot) and Saturdays (6PM at 12 W Pacific) - please let us know if you can drop off or need pick up. What it looks like: -Monday: because outreach is mobile on Mondays, we would like any food prepared to be either hand-held or individually packaged to allow for quick hand-off. Warm or cold foods are acceptable! -Saturday: because outreach on Saturday is stationary, we can take food in crockpots (with serving utensil), one-time use aluminum trays (with serving utensil), individually-packed servings (with utensils if applicable), or handheld food! If you deliver with supplies you need returned to you, please make sure you label them with your name.

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Spokane, WA

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