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Katie Lipsmeyer and Chris Like

Katie Lipsmeyer and Chris Like

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Hello, friends! We are expecting to welcome our little one into the world in mid-December. Since we are on the verge of juggling our lives with the hectic job of caring for a newborn, too, we are asking for meal assistance from those who are able to participate. There are three ways to help: For those who are local and cook, we welcome homemade meals. These can be scheduled in the calendar below. For those who live too far away or feel more inclined to let someone else do the cooking, the couple welcomes take-out or delivery from local restaurants or donations to the grocery fund. Questions regarding both home-cooked meals and restaurant meals may be sent directly to us using the contact information provided. Thank you in advance for helping make this stressful (albeit joyous) time much, much easier for us and for wanting to help welcome our baby girl into the world! All our gratitude, Katie and Chris


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