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Robert Fischer broke and dislocated his elbow on Sun, 1/5. Surgery is on Thurs, 1/9. Family needs assistance with driving, childcare, etc. Story from Caring Bridge site: He fell off a ladder while working on our new house we just bought on Monday, 12/30/19. Our lease is up at the end of February and we need to move out by then! Actual move date will be in mid/late February. We'll keep you updated when we know more, but this has slowed us down a bit. We need help with anything that Robert was going to usually do, as he will be out of commission/work for about 3 months. The main things that are easy to delegate are: Driving Vivian to/from school (she is not afraid enough of road traffic to ride the bus yet), Childcare / entertainment, Handyman work @ new house, if you have a truck or SUV: Moving/transporting items too large to fit in our sedans to the new house, Light housework: trash, dishes, laundry, and Meals. I was about to say that we are not asking for $, but for more hands to help. Many hands make light work! However, as I was writing that, we just got the phone call that our deductible and co-insurance for the surgery center (not including doctors) is around $3,500.00 that we must pay before surgery tomorrow! So, I guess cash is helpful now, too! If you're up for childcare, Vivian is a member of Defy Apex and can go and jump for 2 hours every day they are open, so that is a great entertainment option for her, so we can get other chores done! We also have a dog: Dixie, who such a sweetheart! She is very friendly with kids and other dogs and we would welcome anyone wanting to take her for a while. From Robert on 1/8/2020 to his workplace: "Just got back from the orthopedist and it turns out that my elbow is really messed up: the head of my radius has popped off (and may be crushed) and is hanging out where the head of my ulna needs to be. I may have to get a metal implant / replacement for the head of the bone -- the surgeon will know when he gets in there. Surgery is tomorrow (Thursday, 1/9), so I will be totally out of commission through the weekend, and I will be laid up through my follow up appointment on the 22nd. We will know more then."

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