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Hello: We are once again reaching out to friends of Bob Kuczmarski regarding his ongoing battle with stage 4 colon cancer that has sadly taken a turn for the worse in recent days. Bob is currently under an intense treatment regimen that is long in its duration and excruciatingly painful. His physical condition has drastically regressed and has placed an unspeakable burden on his family. That being said, we have re-opened our account on the Meal Train website in an effort to ease the burden of planning and preparing dinner for a family of 3 in the midst of such turbulent times. The platform is simple and easy to use. Participants will be able to provide dinner for the Kuczmarski Family Monday - Friday. We will fill dates through July. If needed, we will make adjustments to extend the Meal Train as we move forward. This Meal Train will be very different than our last effort. Right now Bob’s diet is extremely limited so we are asking for a $40 donation (for each day(s) you choose) to purchase Shop Rite or Stop & Shop prepared meals that can be conveniently delivered to their home. Participants can make the $40 donation for a night's dinner by transferring the money via Venmo to Vanessa at @VanessaK245 Upon sending the $40, please type in calendar "$40 donation" YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE DATE YOU SELECTED TO VENMO THE $40. YOU CAN SEND IT IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WISH. Your anticipated generosity is greatly appreciated. Please share this Meal Train via email and social media so we can maximize our efforts. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out at (908) 578-0516 Thank You West Orange Physical Education Department

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