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Migrant Respite Center

About this Meal Train Plus

Dallas Responds - Serving the Need + Feeding the Hungry This is the Meal Train for meals 3x/day for the Dallas Respite Center at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church. FAQ: 1. Can you prepare the meal on-site? No. You CANNOT prepare meals on-site at Oak Lawn UMC. They need to be prepared (or purchased) in advance. 2. Can my child volunteer with me? The minimum age to volunteer is 16 with an adult. 3. If I am affiliated with an organization, where can I share that information? Please include your organization affiliation when you sign-up. (i.e. Jane Doe - Temple Emanu-El) 4. What is my commitment when I sign-up to volunteer? Your commitment is to provide the complete meal (including beverages) ready to serve in disposable containers, serve the meal, and clean-up after the meal. We will provide all paper products, including containers for leftovers if needed. 5. Who else will be volunteering with me? You are responsible for finding 3-5 people to help you volunteer (prepare, serve, clean-up). There will NOT be other volunteers/staff helping you. 6. What is the preferred delivery time? 30 minutes prior to the start of meal service. Breakfast (8:30am-9:30am) Lunch - prefer "heavier" meal during lunch (11:30pm-12:30pm) Dinner - prefer "boxed" dinner so they can bring back to hotel (4:30pm-5:00pm) 7. How will I know if my meal is no longer needed? You will be contacted by a volunteer as soon as we have the information. For example, if a bus does not show up, we will call you and let you know. 8. How many people should I prepare a meal for? We are estimating 50 people, but we will not know this number in advance. If there is a significant difference, we will let you know as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience.

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