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The Colardo-Cooke Family

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Those of you that love the Colardo-Cooke family may know that Cat is having surgery again on 1-25-22. This will be the 4th surgery since November. Along with prayers for peace for Cat, Stephen, and David as she goes into the procedure, a smooth operation and healthy recovery, let's love on them by sharing meals with them during her recovery period. Cat will be recovering and needs to focus on resting and caring for herself. Stephen and David will be spending much of their time and energy on caring for her over the next several weeks. Stephen is also in the process of taking care of his own knee and standing for long periods of time while cooking will exacerbate his injury. He has been told to sit and elevate his legs to help with the fractures that have developed and is not able to cook much. Cat is currently on a soft food diet, she can eat things that can be cut with a fork. So slow cooker meals are great for her right now! She has been able to make meals for the family, focusing on the protein and veg and just leaves out the other things that the family might eat with it such as pasta, rice, and breads. The family will accept home-cooked meals as well as gift cards and/or delivery orders from local restaurants. Special Instructions When on the way to deliver a meal, please text 252-702-0944 to let the family know you are on the way. Preferred time for drop-off is 6:30 pm. *Thank you for remembering that Stephen is allergic to onions. Thank you so much for sharing love with this sweet family!


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