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Aimee McVay


For meal providers

Posted Jul 23, 2021 by Sarah Borgstadt Smith

Aimee is home and recuperating! For anyone cooking or preparing a meal for Aimee please try to limit sodium to help Aimee control her blood pressure. You may find appropriate meals by searching for cardiac meals or even post stroke recipes. The main thing for either diet is low sodium, meals made with fresh veggies and fruit, high fiber, non-processed foods, and limited amounts of red meat. Salads and leafy greens are fine. Thank you! Sarah B



Posted Jul 20, 2021 by Sarah Borgstadt Smith

Hello Wonder People, What an amazing response for Aimee our Wonder Woman. A deep thank you to everyone that has picked a date and/or donated. Your generosity speaks volumes about this woman that we all love and appreciate. The most recent update is that she will remain in the hospital for a few more days until either Friday or Saturday. She really has not expressed any preferences toward food and has no food allergies. She is doing the best with light and easy food to chew and digest as she does not have much of an appetite. Thank you again for all your support as she continues to navigate this challenging time. I will be adding dates in the next few days to cover the rest of the summer. Peace and love to all, Sarah B