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Bubba Singley & Family

Bubba Singley & Family

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HI guys, everyone local knows my amazing friend Niki Singley. She is owner of our local Sebastian Sandwich Shack!! Unfortunately her husband was in a horrible accident last night and is currently in the ICU. Niki is staying with him or as close as possible to him until she is comfortable enough coming home, her oldest daughter Kaley is going to try to maintain the household as well as keep the Shack up and running during this time (this is their livelihood). They need all the help possible to make everything run as smoothly as it can. With 4 kids to take to & from school, a business to run, appts to keep, and all the other day to day task that comes along with it all, they are going to need all the help they can get!! We don't know how long Bubba will be hospitalized yet, nor do we know the full extent of his injuries. I just wanted to help anyway possible and this was the first step!! Please share, help if you can, this family is AMAZING and they need us now!!! Please feel free to reach out to me, Niki is very overwhelmed as you can imagine!!!


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