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Kim has told me I could share her story. To sum it up, she fought with doctors for a long time over what was going on. They kept saying it was something gastro and all the while she kept insisting they check her pancreas after researching it. They kept telling her no and finally she went to a new gastro doctor and he told her what she feared that whole time. She had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and they gave her 6-18 months on chemo. But she’s already defeated their “timeline” and I know she will keep beating it over and over. She’s had setbacks with covid (3 months of no chemo meant her tumor grew a lot) but she’s not giving up and I won’t give up on her either. Her latest fear is that it has spread to her bones. (It previously spread to her uterus). She has a hard time some days, not getting out of bed. Her neuropathy is a burden but (although I have yet to personally meet her) she’s upbeat and always asking how others are doing. When I text with her I can tell how much fight she has in her.

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