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No words

Posted 09/15/2018 by Sarah Carney

What can we say except Thank You for coming along side us to help our little Batman fight this battle! A meal, a call, a note of encouragment, an offer to drive us or sit along side us, we already in less than 24 hours feel so incredibly loved and know together with our friends and family can help Mikah get better. Before I (Sarah) left for Sweden, Michael had mentioned that Mikah had a strange color to his skin. Kind of a pale yellow and the color is his eye and gums seemed dull. I guess we didn’t think much of it because in the morning he would be back to his normal self. On Thursday at school pick up Mikah’s amazing teacher mentioned to Michael that Mikah had been off all day. He didn’t want to play, didn’t want to eat, and couldn’t keep his eyes open. Michael said he had been going to bed at 8pm and sleeping a solid night so he knew something wasn’t right. Michael decided it was time to get him to the doctor. He called his friends at Pomona Valley and they got him a bed right away. At Pomona Valley blood work confirmed that something was wrong. His red and white blood cells were low and he was anemic. They said they need to transfer him to another hospital so that he could see a specialist. Together with the ER doctor, Yorba Linda Univercity, was chosen. He was taken by ambulance on Thursday night. Friday morning doctors decided they needed to do a biopsy of his bone marrow and that would help find out exactly what was wrong. In about an hour they confirmed our worst fear. Mikah has B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He will start chemotherpy today. The first 26 days are the most intense and then he will continue treatment for 3 years. We are still processing this news. We know we can trust God with Mikah and this. Thank you for reaching out to us and asking to help us. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but I know we will not say no to any help that our friends and family want to give. Thank you for your prayers. I (Sarah) get back to California on Monday but our flight lands at 5pm in Oakland. I will drive back to Fresno and on Tuesday morning I will drive back home. It feels terrible to be away and I just want to see my precious boy.

The Carney Family