Meal Train Plus for

the Kaelins (and some Caldwells)

the Kaelins (and some Caldwells)

About this Meal Train Plus

Thank you all for your help, love and support. Patsy died September 9, 2018. Her funeral was September 14. Kenny had surgery to remove his tumor on September 18. A CT in January 2019 showed a recurrence of his tumor. He started immunotherapy February 20. He'll have immunotherapy every 28 days for 3-4 months and then have more scans to see what's going on. Brigid's solo parenting 4 days a week, balancing her music and teaching and touring career, volunteer work, Graham's school and activities and attending as many of Kenny's doctor appointments as possible. He has 2-5 a week and they always seem to take a few hours each. While there's nothing anyone can do to change the whole cancer situation, playing with the kids for a couple of hours or bringing dinner sometime is a massive help to our family. * Many of you have asked if you could donate cash to buy a meal or a cleaning service, etc. Raising money is not our intent, but I understand that many friends are feeling helpless and want to buy us a meal or something. If that's you, then $brigidkaelin on CashMe or @brigidkaelin on Venmo or on Paypal can buy Kenny a beer or a meal :) Thank you, friends. Much love.

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