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Monica Allen DiRienzo and Family

Monica Allen DiRienzo and Family

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On March 31, 2016 Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has early stage invasive ductal carcinoma. The good news is there is a 98% cure rate with Monica's diagnosis. The bad news is this is going to be an incredibly challenging year for her and her family. Monica will begin chemotherapy on April 28th. She will receive the initial treatment of four chemotherapy drugs once every three weeks for 18 weeks, and additional treatment of one of those for 34 weeks after that (one full year). Once the initial chemo phase is complete, she will undergo surgery to remove any remaining cancer. The details of that surgery will be decided once genetic testing and chemotherapy are complete. Monica is one of the strongest, smartest, most resilient women we know. She is shouldering her diagnosis with great grace, and preparing herself to face this battle head-on with her warrior spirit we all know and love. But, she can't do it on her own. She needs her village. So we are reaching out to you--her friends and family--for support, especially over the next four months. We need volunteers for meals, child care, and miscellaneous things like errands, laundry, cleaning, etc. Any time you can give helps, and will be greatly appreciated. We also appreciate you sending love, light, prayers, and positive energy.


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