Victoria Olson

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Our dear friend, Victoria, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. As most of you know, Victoria is one of the kindest and most generous people you could ever meet. She has helped so many of us in our times of need and cared for many of our children through the years. Now, it is our turn to help out Victoria and her family while she navigates this tough time. There are many way we can help. She would love to have a meal delivered to her door. They enjoy things like casseroles, rotisserie chicken, pork, steak, and soups. They would also really appreciate gift cards for door dash or Instacart. Often, this might be the best option as Victoria’s treatment times vary and she’s not always sure when she’ll be available to bring food in from her doorstep. Gift cards can be sent to You could also Venmo her directly to help pay for groceries, meals, gas for traveling to treatment, etc. @Victoria-Olson-11. A final way you could offer help is to arrange to care for Jackson for a few hours and maybe even feed him a meal while he’s with you. You can contact Victoria directly to discuss. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated by her and her family. Mostly, she just needs to feel the support and love from all of us and know that her village is here to get her through. Thank you!

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