Wheeler Mission Sponsor a Meal- Restaurant Program

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The Sponsor a Meal program at Wheeler Mission provides an opportunity for individuals, restaurants, and other businesses to provide a full meal at one of Wheeler Mission's locations while also supporting local restaurants during this difficult time. Sponsoring businesses will provide funds to Wheeler Mission ($1000 minimum) and Wheeler will partner with a local restaurant to provide a high-quality meal for those experiencing homelessness. If a sponsor has a preferred restaurant it should be noted in the initial sponsorship conversation. If individual donors are interested in sponsoring a meal, please contact the restaurant directly and coordinate with them using Meal Train site in order to provide a minimum $1000 donated meal. Individuals will not go directly through Wheeler Mission and will not receive a donation receipt, but they will bless others with a warm meal all the same. Wheeler Mission kitchens are short-staffed because volunteers are currently not accepted due to Covid-19 concerns and permanent staff are in and out of Covid protocol because of close interaction with guests. Serving hundreds of meals three times a day becomes a heavy burden on the understaffed kitchens at Wheeler Mission. Previously counted upon food donations are low due to stress on the hotel and restaurant industries because of Covid-19. Low donation volume has created a strain on Wheeler Mission kitchen food purchasing budgets. Chef Sam Brown of the Wheeler Mission Shelter for Men says, "My heart smiles when a restaurant pulls up with quality food ready to go. We don't have to add anything to it, just pull it out and serve it." ***Please disregard the grub hub advertisements. Gift Cards are not required to participate in the Sponsor a Meal program.

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