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The Lewis Family

About this Meal Train Plus

All I can say is, cancer sucks. Never thought it would happen to my best friend, but here it is, smacking her in the mouth. Steph was diagnosed with oral cancer in May 2017. The unwelcome cancer, unaffectionately named 'Earl Tumor Wooten', the cancerous f-er, is scheduled for a very rude removal on Wednesday, May 30, 2017. The surgery is intense but necessary to ensure he's sentenced to the fiery pits of hell and, hopefully, cut into a million pieces. Stephanie, on the other hand, will undergo a 10-hour surgery, a month of recovery followed up with radiation, possibly accompanied with chemo, to ensure Earl dies a slow, painful death. The surgery requires a partial removal and replacement of her tongue and removal of the lymph nodes in her neck. We're praying the cancer has not spread beyond her tongue but believe there are two spots in her neck. Her husband, Mom, and kiddos (Ellie, 5, and Marley, 9) could use support and help. Dave makes the best peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches with a side of cut-up strawberries. Ellie's happiest with the simplest of dinners. Marley is a great eater and loves to try new foods. If you live out of town, many delivery services will soon be available for delivery to her door. However, pizza is always an option: Jets, Donatos, Pizza Hut, and Cheshire Market all deliver to her door. Also, restaurant gift cards are great choices. Another thing that might be helpful is paper plates, plasticware, and napkins. Favorite restaurants include; Wendys, Bob Evans, any Mexican restaurants and food from any great burger joint.

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