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2018 Church Cleaning Month Deacons in Charge: October: Tim Daigneault: Cell-813-539-5565 and Adam Keffer: Cell-813-376-8690 November: Miguel Brito; Cell-813789-3918 and Shane Huff: 813-431-1627 How to serve the church body and volunteer for a cleaning opportunity: 1. Choose 1 of 6 tasks each week. There are a total of 24-30 tasks per month. 2. Review tasks descriptions by clicking on "Review All Instructions" box. Then close the box. 3. Sign-Up for an open Task-Date: Click on "Volunteer for this" green box. Once you have finished signing up for one task, go to the bottom right and click on "Return to Mealtrain Plus", Repeat this process to volunteer for additional Task-Dates during the month. 4. If you need to cancel a Task-Date: Open Mealtrain Plus email confirmation for the date you signed up. Click on Mealtrain Plus box, then "Make Changes" then "Cancel booking". Notify/Text the Deacons in charge of that month. 5. Start to clean on the Sunday of your Sign-up Date OR the week AFTER the your sign-up date.


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