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Posted 12/20/2017 by Gretchen Furlong

Hi Everyone, After speaking to one of Melissa's friends we'd really like to try to keep the meal train active for Daniel and Ellie Grace. They are ok with food right now but in the next week or so (after Christmas)as visitors slow down that will probably change. If there's something we could do for Melissa it would be to look out for the two of them now. If anyone needs help with drop offs I will make sure I do my best to help so don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you all for what you have already done. Melissa was a wonderful person and was lucky to have such amazing friends. ❤️ Gretchen


Posted 11/22/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I have had a little more energy the last 2 days, but am still not feeling great. I have figured out a good system and timing for taking my nausea and chemo meds to help with my symptoms. I go back to the Neuroncologist on Dec. 5th, so pray that the chemo is working and we receive some good news! We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and Daniel is going to try to do most of the cooking. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone gets to enjoy their families!


Posted 11/01/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I have now officially been on the chemo for over a week and let me tell you its no fun. It has made me so nauseous, but more in the middle of the night than during the day even though the Dr's have me on round the clock nausea meds. I take the nausea meds and then the chemo at night to hope to prevent some of the nausea. Luckily I have a Dr that is a good listener and he has me on one nausea med during the day and another at night to try to help me sleep through the ickiness. Keep me in your prayers and thank you again for all of the wonderful meals. Daniel and Ellie Grace haven't had to eat cereal every night! LOL


Posted 10/27/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I started chemo this week and its been rough. For some reason I thought it would be easier for me like I am some sort of super hero or something, but I am not giving up! My next follow up will be in the 1st week of November to see how I am tolerating the chemo and to see if it is helping. Let's all keep praying that it is! Thank you again to everyone for your continued thoughts, prayers, visits, calls and meals. It really does mean a lot more than you know to see so many people care!

10/11/17 - Update

Posted 10/12/2017 by Melissa McLemore

My Neuronocologist called me this morning after the tumor board met and we are going to proceed with chemo. Its a milder form of chemo that is pill form and I can take at home and I probably won't lose my hair. This doesn't clarify anything or answer any questions. Its just a safer, less risky 1st step in my treatment options. Thank you for your continued support, calls, visits, meals and more! Love you!

10/9/17 -- Unexpected Update

Posted 10/12/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I got an unexpected call from the doctor today. He wanted to tell me that his preliminary reading of the MRI had been incorrect and the official report from the radiologist shows that there was growth since the last MRI 6 weeks ago. He indicated that this is making him very nervous and he feels that it may be time to consider treatment. He is thinking of going more conservative with radiation and chemo before doing the brain biopsy since there are so many more risks with the brain biopsy. He is presenting this all to the tumor board tomorrow and we will hear from him on Wednesday. I will keep you posted on what we find out. Thanks for all the continued thoughts, prayers, meals and more. Love you!

10/3/2017 - Update

Posted 10/06/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I had another MRI Brain Scan and visit with my Neuronocologist today. Everything looks pretty much the same as 5 weeks ago. The fact that there is no significant growth since the last scan is the first good news we have had since February. I doesn't really answer any important questions at this point, but it is promising. I am feeling worse than ever these days but, I will take this as no news as good news. Keep me in your prayers. Thank you for all your continued thoughts, prayers, meals and more.

Thank you so much

Posted 09/19/2017 by Melissa McLemore

Thank ya'll so much for all of the meals during this tough time for my family. They have been helpful than I even knew they would. Gretchen thank you so for setting this up for us even though I didn't know that I needed it. If it wasn't for ya'll Daniel and EG would have been living off of cereal and take out!

Drop off

Posted 09/15/2017 by Gretchen Furlong

Hi everyone! Just a reminder- if you need any help getting meals to Melissa please feel free to message me. I've just started a new job but I want to make it as easy as I can for her so if you need any help just ask! Gretchen

Update from my latest appointment

Posted 09/14/2017 by Melissa McLemore

I just left UVA after meeting with the Neurosurgeon and my Neuro Oncologist. They said my case is extremely rare to the point of not having any other case studies to compare it to. They are still not exactly sure what we are dealing with in regards to tumor growth and the brain bleed. It is hard to tell where the tumor begins and the brain bleed ends. The only way to know for sure is to do the brain biopsy. However we found out today that the brain biopsy will 100% for sure cause some type of permanent damage to core functionality like vision or hearing and we wouldn't know what or how much until after the biopsy. We also found out today that the tumor is not a solid mass but is intertwined inside the brain stem within all of the important areas that control core functionality. At this point they are going to wait to see if time will provide some answers. If the scan on October 3rd shows more growth they will probably call for the biopsy even considering the permanent damage it will cause. If it stays the same they will probably want to wait longer to see what happens. A decrease in size would be extremely good because that would mean we are dealing with scar tissue from the brain bleed which will eventually heal. Thank you so much for your prayers, calls, texts, meals and more. I have been feeling pretty bad so if I haven't responded don't take it personally. My phone is still broken message me here or contact me on Daniel's phone. Love ya'll.


Posted 09/12/2017 by Melissa McLemore

Off to UVA today. The tumor board, my Neuro Oncologist and Neurosurgeon are meeting. Hoping for some positive answers and even an non-surgery option! Please keep praying!


Posted 09/08/2017 by Melissa McLemore

The preliminary results from UVA are promising. This was a test that I have not had before and shows a different perspective of the brain and my brain tumor. This test is not conclusive, but it does give a little more information for the doctors to work with. The preliminary read of this test (not yet confirmed by the radiologist) is encouraging with respect to the aggressiveness of the tumor. The tumor board will be reviewing all of my scans and we will be meeting with surgeon and the oncologist next week to determine course of treatment. Thanks for all of the prayers, calls, messages and meals! It really helps. This may be a little bit of good news.

Drop off

Posted 09/01/2017 by Gretchen Furlong

Hey Guys! If anyone needs any help with drop offs for meals please reach out for me. I will try to do my best to help you out to make it as easy as possible for Melissa I just don't want her to worry about any small details. Thanks again so much for helping! ❤️ Gretchen