Meal Train for

Jessica Holguin

About this Meal Train

Jessica Holguin is one of our moms. She served as Freshmen Team mom two years ago and Team Mom coordinator last season. She works closely with the board, always volunteering where needed, whether it's helping in concessions, merchandise sales, fundraisers, planning and much more. She's been known to drive kids home when they didn't have a ride. Jessica's been hospitalized for a week now. The plan is to discharger to a rehabilitation center so she can gain some strength and hopefully home soon for full recuperation and healing. During her illness and while Jessica was hospitalized, her son Jacob who plays both football and baseball had to undergo surgery. During this time, Jessica's mom Alice has been caring for Jessica's boys, supporting Jessica's other son Robert at Higley's Unified games and making certain Enrique gets to and from his school on a daily basis. Jessica needs her Higley Football family to help her mom care for her boys. Higley Families, if we can come together to support Jessica by helping her mom with dinner, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact for the delivery address and phone number. If you'd like to donate a gift card, please contact us so that we can make arrangements for delivery.

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