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Teri and Oak's Family

About this Meal Train page

This meal train is to help Teri, her mother and the kids. At this difficult time, there is a lot of pain and a lot of important things to do. Cooking and feeding themselves shouldn't be one of them. Please sign up for a day, 2 days or more, back to back or spread out. However you can. It can be as easy as ordering Bob Evans, Applebee's and fun stuff like Pizza and McDonald's and calling Grubhub, Ubereats or any of the other food delivery services. Or you can make your own blessing. Please remember drinks and necessary condiments. Maybe even paper plates to make clean up easier. Desserts are welcome too! Leftovers can be helpful for lunches and snacks. You can also send grocery gift cards. Thank you for your support and love for this beautiful family. May you be blessed.

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