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David Nathan

David Nathan

About this Meal Train

As some of you know, Mandy has been suffering with increasingly severe heart failure symptoms. Methodist Hospital (where Mandy has been for awhile) is willing to put her on the heart transplant list, provided they can get her high antibodies levels down. She has been receiving treatments to lower the antibodies. The result we are all praying is for her to get on the transplant list. We will know a bit more next week about her status once she has some procedures and gets lab work back. Meanwhile, David is back and forth to the hospital and Zach has graduated and has a job! We invite you to consider providing a meal for Zach, Max, and David just to make life a bit easier and they are sick of fast food! GrubHub is fine as are restaurant deliveries. Good old home cooking is great too!! I'm thinking Zach and Max may really appreciate some homemade cookies :)

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