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February is Heart Month!

Posted 01/30/2020 by Barbara Hofmann

Hi friends with food! YAY, Mandy is HOME! She looks fabulous and her heart is strong, however she is still recovering so we have successfully convinced her to allow the meal train extension through February. I think she should be able to enjoy some of the treats David has had for months ;) A couple of procedural changes...Mandy is home so please text her about delivery time 713.562.2923. Also, as much as Mandy would like to ignore doctors orders, we should avoid beef and fried food (I know, sad for David!) And, speaking of David, if not for Mandy coming home, I thought I might find David in the depths of despair over his beloved Astros. Fortunately, he has a permanent smile on his face these days! Thank you all and God Bless you for your servant hearts! Barb


Meal Train extended Dec/Jan

Posted 11/13/2019 by Barbara Hofmann

In case you have not yet heard, MANDY GOT A NEW HEART last week!!! Please refer to David's post in Caring Bridge for the wonderful details. The Meal Train has been extended through Feb. 1. If you should miss out on an available date and still want to help out in some way, we have determined that VISA gift cards WORK at the hospital parking garage. Contrary to what we all would prefer to believe, David does not have a reserved spot. The VISA cards are just another way to show your love and support for the Nathans. Their home address is: 5211 Laurel St., Bellaire, 77401-3926. Many thanks to everyone who has helped in so many ways! Praising God for a "change of heart" for Mandy, thanksgiving for the self-less woman who offered up her heart, and comfort for her family. And prayers for no rejection of the heart and healing for Mandy. Thank you, Barb


Mandy's Meal Train Extended

Posted 09/22/2019 by Barbara Hofmann

Dear Friends, A big thank you to everyone for taking all the September openings so quickly! October and November are now up for grabs :) You are all a blessing! Barb


Meal Train expanded through September.

Posted 07/18/2019 by Barbara Hofmann

Thanks everyone! You rock!!! Mandy's Mighty Meal Warriors!


Mandy's Birthday July 26!

Posted 07/18/2019 by Barbara Hofmann

Here's a fun idea...let's shower Mandy with birthday cards. Here's the home address: 5211 Laurel St. Bellaire, TX 77401-3926 Please consider sending a card between now and next week. I'm sure she will delight in hearing from you all! Mandy Update: She IS on the heart transplant list so it is now a waiting game. Her pesky antibodies continue to climb so please pray the medical team can get them under control. But otherwise, she is doing well and living in a hospital room. The meal train has been expanded through September. Cheers to Mandy's support team :)!!


Looking Ahead

Posted 06/23/2019 by David Nathan

We’ve opened up the meal train calendar for July! Thanks to everyone who has brought food this month—we’ve enjoyed sampling so many new recipes and restaurants. Max got back last week and is home through mid August, so there’s three of us for a while. Mandy is getting a new pump (there were complications with the first one) on Monday, and if all goes well, then she should be back on the transplant list and waiting for a donor. How long that takes is anyone’s guess. We’ll keep you posted.



Posted 06/11/2019 by David Nathan

Today marks 3 weeks in the hospital, and it could be much longer... Mandy and I celebrated our 28th anniversary on Saturday in her hospital room. We had a delicious chicken piccata dinner with key lime pie dessert made by Ann Corbut. Thanks to everyone who has brought food so far and for those of you who have signed up. It’s been a tremendous help. We should be learning more later today about Mandy’s transplant status, so think good thoughts and I’ll keep you posted. David